200+ Affirmations for Trusting Yourself

In this crazy world, it can be hard to trust yourself, let alone others.

This series was created to help you navigate it and in the process, learn to trust yourself, others, and life.

List of the 51 Affirmations For Trust

  • I have everything I need to reach my goals
  • I am now focused on my goals
  • I believe in my power to achieve anything I desire
  • I am making a difference in my life
  • I am determined and motivated to succeed
  • I let go of anger toward others
  • I take full responsibility for where I am in life
  • My life is moving in a positive direction
  • I break down the walls of artificial constraints
  • My self-belief is increasing
  • I know that the greatest potential for change comes from inside my mind
  • I refuse to be manipulated
  • I am ready to take action and live with courage
  • I refuse to give up on myself
  • I call the shots and make my decisions
  • I am brave enough to take action when I see an opportunity
  • I am able to do all kinds of things without judging myself
  • Today it is okay to try again
  • I choose who I share my goals and dreams with
  • I am a special person with gifts not given to anyone else
  • I am able to adapt to changes in my life and used my past experience to understand myself better
  • Today I give myself permission to get enough sleep
  • I always live with compassion for all including myself
  • Today I give myself permission to explore something I feel hesitant about
  • I love taking action on my goals
  • I forgive myself for all of my mistakes
  • I finish what I start
  • I do have strength
  • I am worthy to achieve my goals
  • I avoid people who undermine my self-trust
  • Today is magnificent
  • I am feeling good about myself
  • I trust myself to make decisions
  • I am letting go of wasted energy as I allow my true light to shine
  • I am letting go of present-day doubts
  • I am always enough
  • I embrace a life that allows me to be me
  • I honor my commitments to myself
  • I enjoy expanding my comfort zone
  • I am transforming into a confident individual who can achieve anything
  • I commit to trusting myself
  • I make a decision and then take immediate action on it
  • I am aware of my biases and shortcomings
  • I am in charge of my life decisions
  • Today I do one thing to show myself that I care truly and deeply about my well being
  • Success comes easily to me
  • Whatever I am working towards, I know I will see results in time
  • I am a hard worker and my work makes a difference
  • I believe in my decision-making ability
  • I believe that what I want is important

How to make the affirmations for trust work for you?

Before you get on practicing them, it is important to get yourself into the right mindset. If you set a blocker in front of you, none of this will work.

Hence, only proceed if you are willing to keep an open mind and start believing.

These affirmations for trusting are powerful, but they need your help.

We recommend that you save the content somewhere, or bookmark the page so that you can return to it as often as you want.

Repetition is a very crucial part of positive affirmations, as it can strengthen your resolve and remind you of the task at hand.

You are in charge of your HAPPINESS.

Why do we need these affirmations for self-trust?

The fact of the matter is that lots of people face low self-esteem issues, and are not confident in trusting themselves fully.

This can be a result of external as well as internal factors and can be very damaging to your life.

It becomes harder to make decisions, leaving you in a state of helplessness and unable to progress in life.

That also means you are not able to fully commit to an action and make the best out of it.

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