90+ Affirmations For Stock Traders & Investors To Up Your Game

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4 min readAug 10, 2022


How do you get an edge when it comes to trading and investing?

While you can delve into financial books and learn all kinds of formulas to help you succeed, you still might fail.

After speaking to a number of successful traders, I realized the one thing that they had in common: Mindset.

The problem with most traders is that they think they can simply rely on finding the right system and voila, they will become multi-millionaires.

The thing is, such a system does not exist at all. The key difference between winners and losers is down to money management and psychology.

On one hand, they have developed their own system where they know how to react in all kinds of situations, where they can “listen” to the market, and turn in a profit at the end of the day.

Affirmations for stock traders and investors can become a differentiator in this game. With practice, they can overwrite all the bad habits and negative preconceptions a person might have.

Many successful people publicly acknowledge that they practice it, and many more have told us how it has positively impacted their lives, including stock traders and investors.

In this post, we will be sharing a series of powerful positive statements that will skyrocket your mindset, and when combined with your trading skills, will turn you into a more successful trader whether you are a complete novice or an experienced one.

What are some common negative mindsets of traders?

Before we get to the list of affirmations, it is important to know what are the common problems facing traders today.

From the get-go, many investors will start developing a certain saying after a few rounds of losing. They can sound like this:

  • “I always give back my profits to the market”
  • “I am always making the same stupid mistakes”
  • “There are more losses than I should be making”
  • “Murphy’s law is always working against me”

You know what happens next? These negative thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the trader’s mindset is overcome by them.

It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that eventually, this person will be so worn out and can no longer continue. Their lousy life becomes an accepted reality.

With the right mindset shift, the chances of success instantly become much higher. Be warned though, this does not simply happen overnight.

Just imagine how many years these negative thoughts have been ingrained. Take time and practice constantly. Be patient and be consistent in using positive affirmations.

My Top 10 Favorite Trading Affirmations

1. I feel centered and make great trading decisions

2. I will only take trades that give me a reward which clearly outweighs my risk

3. I always trade with a reason

4. I always take calculated risks

5. I will maintain sound judgment at all times

6. Making huge amounts of money on the stock market is easy

7. I adapt easily to new trends

8. I am a skilled stock market trader

9. I will develop the investor mindset

10. I live and breathe investing

List of Stock Traders and Investors Positive Affirmations

  • Making great investments comes naturally to me
  • I am excited about following my trading rules because the profits give me freedom and security
  • I will not interfere with my trades without just cause
  • My trading efforts are becoming more consistent
  • I am happy to take a profit and I will not be greedy
  • I am energized by my exhilarating daily routine
  • I will find other things to do besides watching my trades after they are live
  • I take investing seriously
  • I am a great investor
  • I continue to press toward my goals regardless of setbacks
  • I will stay in control even when things are going bad
  • I will listen to my financial advisor when I’m panicked
  • Success on the stock market is becoming a reality
  • I am finding myself more in control of my emotions
  • I will ride with the trend until it changes direction
  • I am transforming into a hard worker
  • I know it’s possible to make huge amounts of money from investing
  • I will keep going and going until I have mastered investing
  • I am turning into someone who is able to make great investments
  • I am dedicated to becoming a successful investor
  • I can see trends developing in the market
  • I will become a wealthy stock trader
  • I am becoming a successful stock trader
  • I will resist the urge to act when no action is required
  • People see me as someone who knows about investing
  • News and fundamentals will not influence my trading decisions
  • I always work hard
  • I am constantly improving my stock trading knowledge
  • I love investing
  • I will continue to build my portfolio and perfect my trading efforts
  • I am able to be patient when I need to be
  • I invest in my trading education and myself
  • I will treat the latest investment fad as exactly what it is and not react to it
  • I always make sure to keep a positive attitude
  • My mind is highly focused on making great investments
  • I just naturally make big money from my investments
  • I live and breathe the stock market
  • I will make huge amounts of money on the stock market
  • I will not expect the stock market to only rise in value
  • Positive thinking comes naturally to me
  • I am consistently following my trading plan

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